I strive to make my classroom a welcoming, inclusive, and productive environment. I believe that learning comes when we feel comfortable engaging with one another, when we are willing to take risks and make mistakes, and when activities and course material are presented with a goal of accessibility.

At UW-Madison, I have served as a teaching assistant for the following classes:

  • Political Science 170--Research Methods (Fall 2021)

  • Political Science 340--The European Union: Politics and Political Economy (Spring 2022)

For the 2022-3 Academic Year, I am serving as the Department TA Mentor. Under this title, I design and facilitate orientation sessions for first-time TAs in the Political Science Department, observe sections and constructively work with first-time TAs to handle challenges of the job, and hold check-in and skill-building events throughout the year.

I also served as the graduate instructor for our voluntary summer math program for incoming Ph.D. Students. I helped design programming and held weekly office hours. Along with this, I was the instructor for 'Math Camp', a one-week mandatory program for incoming Ph.D. students to prepare for the first-year methods sequence. The 'camp' exposes students with a variety of quantitative backgrounds to advanced mathematical concepts. Like with TAing for undergraduate classes, the same emphasis on accessible presentation of complex information guides my teaching.